We Need a Swimming Pool of Water. Wait…what?

G.E.D Trainee

  • We Need a Swimming Pool of Water

So we need to flood the cellar with water. Let’s go talk to Carney.

You’ll notice he has three quests. You can accept them all BUT there is an order to them this time. “Speed Pumping” must be done last. So Let’s  get on with this, shall we?


  • Stop the Watering System

This one took me a second. They don’t count out how many valves you need to shut off. They just let you know when you’re done. But for the record, there are three. One in each vine section in front of the manor. Look for the shiny dust and you’ll be okay!

  • Plug the Drainage

I’ve been hearing about the illusive drain for a while! It’s not half bad. It’s not what I was thinking. For some reason I was picturing a bathtub drain somewhere in the dirt. -.–  Don’t ask me why.

Here’s what you’re really looking for:


Coordinates for the drain!

x 121 Y 159

Again to get map coordinates, just hover your mouse over the map while in map view.

Before you go off to find it, grab some hay out of the stable.

I took the ride house path, jumped down to the empty arena/paddock, headed for the gray fence with the wire (Over looking the riding hall) and just kind of followed the fence around to the drain. Don’t worry about the walls in this area…you can go through them. Trust me.  It’s actually kind of fun. People didn’t believe me until they tried it themselves. Stuff the hay in the drain.

  • –Speed Pumping

We’ve all seen that noisy machine in the cellar. That’s the boiler. Once you’ve shut off the valves and plugged the drain, it’s time to do some button pushing. I just went down the line and hit the green buttons until conditions were filled.

Go see Carney.

  • Super Watering System

I’ve seen the red button behind Carney and have wondered what it was for. Now I know! Guess what you get to do…

Go back into the cellar and speak to the trainee when your done.

Then wait until tomorrow.



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