Why is the gate closed?

I said brace yourself…but I lied. I squealed and hopped in my seat when I saw this quest. I was beyond ready for some new content.


  • Why is the gate closed?

Go speak to the Mayor of SilverGlade. Try to hide your excitement.

  • A reason to open the gate

He’ll send you to the castle to look at a painting of the Golden Hill Valley Mayor Klaus. Make sure to click on the painting.



  • A fake idea

Speak to the mare about your idea.

  • Qeustion of a camera

Go to Fort Pinta and ask James to borrow a Camera. I was waiting on some large quest but surprisingly he coughed it up!

  • Key photo

Go take a photo of the painting

  • Painted photo
  • Printed photo

For these all you have to do is take the camera to Derek. He’ll remark that it’s unique and then print it out for you.  Now it’s time to find someone who can make a key for you. We know who that is don’t we?

  • Can you forge a key?

Yes! Yes, Conrad can!

— Okay, confession time, there is either a “Wait until tomorrow” here or right after “Little apprentice”. I know. A little piece of me died when it happened.

  • Blacksmith’s little apprentice

Okay! so this isn’t too hard, you’ll be dragging objects from you’re inventory to the places that pop up on your screen. What I did to make it easier on my self is move all my stuff to the bottom of my inventory. So the only things I could grab would be the tools. It may seem like it drags on…but I promise it does finish up.


You now have a rough key…




As you can see I was pretty far into level 12 before I was able to do this. ^.^


19 thoughts on “Why is the gate closed?

  1. Hey! please reply because last night ( like really late) I did the planting quest with barney then the next day I was stil waiting 😦 What happened?

    • If you do a quest really late at night. (like wee hours of the morning “late”) the game will force you to wait a full 24 hours before being able to continue. My rule of thumb is to finish all quests before dusk falls in the game to try and keep this from happening. I know it sucks, it’s happened to me once or twice.

    • Once you do the quests for “Techno the guard dog” you will then be able to do the quests to open the golden hills gate

    • Hmm. You’ve done the Techno quests already? It’s near this quest line that the key quests begin. Keep in mind, a lot more EXP giving quests and content has been added since I’ve reached GHV. You may be at a higher level than I was.

    • More and more players are getting into higher levels before reaching the appropriate questline. I think this may have something to do with the amount of side content that’s been put into the game since this post. I’m trying to level up my alternate account to see what the differences might be.

    • Yeah, I’ve noticed some big differences since I’ve put Star rider on my alternate account. I’m at level 13 with it and I’m not even close. I’m trying to work as fast as I can so I can give you guys a decent estimate. There’s a lot more content then there used to be. So the level may be quite higher.

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