Ghost In the Cellar?



  • — A ghost in the wine cellar

Crap. Casper is in this game too? Let’s head over to the wine cellar and see what Tyra is freaking out about.

I’ve always wondered what I would find when I was finally able to do this quest. It wasn’t what I expected. Note: You must be level 12 before this one will pop up. 


  • This isn’t North Link

And you’re not bugs bunny. -.-

Talk to the trainee.

  • Which bottle is the right one for the baroness?

Select the sparkly bottle on the shelf and deliver it to the baroness. She’ll inquire about the cellar and you’ll masterfully dodge a bullet. Why the character has cover for someone else’s mistakes…I don’t know. But You’re off to get rid of an imaginary wasp nest.

  • — Origination of  the years

Speak to the trainee again

  • — To hide a cellar

Pick up the five barrels in the room, and one by one, drop them out of your inventory in the door way. Just follow the pixie dust. Once you’ve done that go to the Baroness. She will then insist upon meeting you in the cellar. (She’s the fastest moving person I know.) Seeing  the barrels she’ll assume that the cellar is overflowing with wine and needs to be expanded. Guess who gets that job? Remove the barrels and talk to the trainee.

  • –Big hole to fill.

And a lot of butt kissery too. -.-

Talk to the crew leader at North Link He’ll tell you the shipment was lost. I think he forgot just who put him and Ms.Morse together…cranky butt.

  • — Lost Concrete

So the guy is lost and we have to find him. Yay…


It was a pain in the ass. But I found him on Old silverglade road.  His coordinates are X:154 Y: 199. You can find these by hovering your mouse over your map in map view.

Talk to him, ignore the spelling errors.

  • —  New instructions for the driver

Go on over to the winery, and talk to him there.

Wait until tomorrow.


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