Star Stable Fasion


For so many it seems to be a passion. And when there are so may combinations out there, it makes for a wide pallet. Some of it is useful…but not so pretty, some of it is pretty…but not so useful. So you’ll find nothing but player favorites here.

Unique Shades

By Lana FastBorn, on Opalmist


Strength – 20

Discipline – 23

Swiftness – 24

Endurance – 7

Agility – 22

I love the colour of this outfit, and you don’t see many others riding around in this colour so I think it’s quite unique!

Thanks Lana and Opalmist. I'll admit yellows and greens are my favorite colors. 
Gotta love the pastels on light colored horses.

Cool Blue

By Cadence BlueDotter, on Batman


OMG where do I even begin…Stats?



Command: 17


And for the horse






What I wear it for?Mostly for daily quests and races,never for Championships though. And what do I love about it, hmmm…the epicness of the blue of course!

Thank you Cadence and Batman! 
A very epic blue indeed! It seems to "Pop" on Batman.

Submit your outfits!

I’ll admit, I wear things for their stats, but I know there are a lot of start stable fashionistas out there! You are more than welcome to send in screen shots of your favorite outfit, favorite tack set up…or even both. I ask for your player name so you are given credit for your photo! Just use the form below!


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