Marley Has an Idea. Uh, oh.


  •  — Marley’s New Idea

I’m actually excited about this one since I have yet to see anything other than racing, jumping or pole bending. Marely wants to make a Barrel Racing Arena. You need to pick up his rule book.


  • — Post with a plan

Pick up Marely’s rule book and take it too him.


  • — Barrels for the race

I really don’t like James, and if you don’t either, Marley is about to give you another reason for the list. He ordered barrels from James and hasn’t gotten them. It’s our job to find out what’s going on.


  • Fort Pinta Or Fir Grove?

Why that little jerk! It was his job to make sure that the barrls got to Marley, but it’s all “Oh well, you want them…go get them.” I’m hoping karma serves him a cold one…soon. Ever since the Mississippi Jones quest he’s just gotten more rotten.

Okay, so apperently the driver took the fir grove mountain passage.  The passage starts at the second light post in Fir grove. If you just follow the trail you’re going to find two of them in plain sight.


However  one barrel is off of the trail. It’s not far from the beginning of the climb, As a matter of fact, from the right angle you can look down on the championship arena.


You’ll find all three before reaching valedale lake.

Drop them off to Marley. I felt bad that his barrels were broken.

Wait until tomorrow


  • — Smiths new barrels

After talking to Marley, go see Conrad. I..uh…cheated and called for a pick up.


  • — New wood for broken barrels

Conrad is a bit of perfectionist. But in a good way. I’m still so mad at James that I’m glad someone wants to make nice barrels for Marley.  You need to go to Valedale Lake. And find the odd tree out. (er. Only one of it’s kind)


Seems a little obvious when you look at it like that doesn’t it?

You’ll find wood along the trail leading up to the oak. Wood around the oak, and there’s a lot of wood strung along the shore line near the oak’s rock base. I grabbed what I needed.  (There’s much more than what you need laying around) And I called for a pick up. Like normal.

  • — New Iron for the barrels

This is pretty simple. Go into the mine near the simthy and pluck out some iron. Bring it back.

Come back tomorrow.

NOTE: I don’t spend my star coins on “Spending the night” You can spend yours how you want but for me the price is just a little too steep for my taste. I’m just trying to keep the quest pieces together for you.


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