Easter Egg Hunts

To celebrate Easter this year, SSO released several Easter egg hunts!

Who to go See…

Once you finish the hunt for Felix in silver glade, you can visit other characters who also have a hunt for you to do. Prizes can range from something as simple as food for your horse to pieces of tack!

Who else?

— Harold of Silverglade

— Barney of silverglade

— Carney of Silverglade manor

— Landon of Silverglade Acres*

— Jasper of Golden Hill Valley

— Ewa of Golden Leaf Stables

— Mayor Klaus of the Cape Fishing Village

— Felicity of Firgrove

–Avalon of Valedale

— Security of Fort Pinta

— Ms. Holdsworth of Moorland

*Unlike the rest, all of Landon’s eggs are out in the open and are very easy to spot, I felt that taking screenshots of this egg hunt was redundant.

The Spoils!

As you can see, you can earn a cute Easter themed tack set and a matching shirt. It’s not the most powerful set out there, but it’s a nice prize when it’s all said and done. No… I’m not telling you who gives out what. You’re going to have to find that out on your own. I’ll admit, there’s so many it’s easy to get burned out. But it’s worth doing. 

Cute right? Perhaps too girly for a horse named "Night Rebel" but still cute.

Cute right? Perhaps too girly for a horse named “Night Rebel” but still cute.

I’m a little disappointed that’s it’s not so useful when compared to the tack I use.  It only adds a + 3 in Swiftness and agility. (This is all three pieces combined.)

Bring on the eggs!

I’m trying to break down each hunt into a slide show, there are five eggs in each hunt. Some were harder than others. 

Warning! Warning! Warning!

If you do not want to know the location of the eggs…do not click on the links. They take to you posts created with pictures of each hunt. If you want to try and find them yourself first my suggestion is search slowly and to not be in a hurry. Treat the it as if you’re just on an afternoon ride through the area. If you rush you’re more likely to miss an egg. And remember all the eggs will be found in the general location of the character. So if  that character lives in town, all eggs can be found in town. You don’t have to leave city limits or comb beaches.

Harold’s Egg Hunt

Barney’s Egg Hunt

Carney’s Egg Hunt

Jasper’s Egg Hunt

Ewa’s Egg Hunt

Mayor Klaus’ Egg Hunt

Felicity’s Egg Hunt

Avalon’s Egg Hunt

Ms. Holdsworth’s Egg Hunt

Security’s Egg Hunt


6 thoughts on “Easter Egg Hunts

  1. hey i got a question, im super sure i got all golden eggs and i did all easter hunts, but i didnt got the blanket so i wonder if there even is a blanket or if i did something wrong.
    if you could help me that would be great 🙂

    • These egg hunts are from last year. And I haven’t been able to do the the new ones just yet. (Waiting on the weekend.) So I’m not sure what kind of changes have been made. But I’ll gladly give you a hand once I complete it myself. 😀

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