To do list

Cleaning is going to be a little sportatic, I’m working on a few projects for you guys. (perhaps too many but eh, who cares!


– I’m going to organize the quests. I’m backlogged with stuff I have for this, so it may take some time. I will however put up the newest quest line ASAP. 


– I’m revamping the outfits Polyvore style!

– I started to put together a star section. 

– I’m also working on a “Training” project:: A break down of the races and just how much exp your getting from each one!

– PNG files! Yes, I’ve been working on some PNG files! (precuts) I started with the NPC’s of Moorland and will work my way around.

– Backgrounds! I’ve been working on this for a while as well. 

– Background tutorial

– Helper form: I will be looking for some extra hands, I’ll have a form for that put up somewhere around here. 

– New links! There’s even more great SSO fansites out there I think you guys are going to love!


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