Halloween ghosts! (Batch 1)

I’m about to blow off some serious dust. Sorry guys I have not had time to work the blog lately, things have been…we’ll just say hectic and spare the details.

Ghosts! As most of you know, SSO has some new Halloween type quests available, you find and converse with little ghosts to send them home. They in turn give you prizes. I will not tell you what. But I will tell you there is a great number of them. I’m not even done finding them all.

My tip is to listen for the little jingle that they make, if you hear it, stop and look around. If you stay in the area, you will find it eventually. They have a path they follow so they’ll eventually be near the area you saw them last. (or heard them in.)  The do slow down if you get near them, but not for long.


Note: I am not done. These are just the pics I have at this moment I know for a fact there are many more. I’ll have them up in batches.


2 thoughts on “Halloween ghosts! (Batch 1)

  1. Hi,
    Love the blog btw i have so many questions……
    1. Are u a star rider
    2. What happens after ur a star rider
    3. Do have a club or use i could buds u in sso

    • Sorry for the delay! But

      1. Yes. I’m a star rider.
      2. Being a star rider unlocks all the content of the game. So you’re allowed to do more quests and go to new places and buy all sorts of new content.
      3. Yes! I run the “Moorland Girls” on the American server. I would be more than glad to add you if your on the same server as I am!

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