This Moorland Girl is an Oklahoman.

If you don’t know, Oklahoma has had a few rough couple days. They don’t call us “Tornado Alley” without a reason.  The damage is a little overwhelming.  I will not be posting any updates in  a while. I’m one of the lucky ones. The tornado hit only a few blocks from my home.  However, there are others who were not so lucky.  My only problem is I lack running water. It seems a far cry from those who have lost absolutely everything.

If you have loved ones in this area and you’re having a hard time reaching them, check the red cross’s “Safe and well” section.  Cell reception is extremely spotty, and there’s a lot of power lines that are down at the moment.

If you want to help, please have a look into the Red Cross.  I myself will be donating blood a little later today.  if you want to help the animals, our local shelters  could use the help.

People wonder why I love this state so much. When we’re out our worst, we tend to shine the best. Neighbors you’ve never met will come to help. Complete strangers will hold their and out to you.  That’s just the way it is out here.


7 thoughts on “This Moorland Girl is an Oklahoman.

    • I’m fine, thankfully. But there are a lot of others who were not as fortunate. I hope everything goes well for them too. They could sure use a good streak.

      • I’m really sorry to hear that. I’ve never lived through any natural disasters before (because I’m British). I know it must be hard for you since you weren’t far away from where the tornado hit and I feel so bad that this happens to pretty much everybody but me. It makes me feel awful. I hope your family and friends are safe because living through a time like this, you’re going to need morale support
        Love the blog
        Ella Pinkpie and Snowprince ❤

      • Players can only use the chat system if they are “Star riders” players that pay for certain features in the game. Try looking at the star rider info on the site. Under the “help” category.

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