Pretty in Pink

Pretty in Pink

By: Britney WinterRock


Hmm its only white and pink…i’m still working on getting cowgirl boots and cowgirl hat both pink.

Stats are-


Riding: 23

Caring: 19

Command: 13

Jumping: 19


Strength: 10

Discipline: 9

Swiftness: 10

Endurance: 8

Agility: 11

I wear it all the time lol i don’t know what to say i love about it…maybe its just that i choose two colors that stick together really well…

Lovely shades of pink, let us know what it looks like with the boots! :D 
Thank you, Britney and Spring Darling!
This will be added to the fashion page as soon as I get it adjusted.

7 thoughts on “Pretty in Pink

  1. i would really like to meet u plzz tell me the place wherever leaving goldenhills valley (it is not unlocked yet)
    plzzzzz nd yes ur luk is awsum

    • I’m so sorry for the long delay. I’ve been having issues. But I would be more than glad to meet you in game some time. The best bet is to just send me a message and we can plan out where to meet up once we’re both online. 😀

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