Where are the wolves / Dances With Wolves

Shortly after arriving to Golden hills, this becomes one of your first quest lines. It takes a day or two, but I’m putting all together for you. I’ve seen pictures of the GHV wolves and have been waiting to do these quests for a while.



Yay! Okay, okay. I’ll get on with this.



Jasper has returned to his former home.

Jasper has returned to his former home.

Quest Giver: Jasper

  •  Where are the wolves? 

Jasper has herd reports of wolves chasing riders off of Shadow Hill. He want’s to know if they’re actually as agressive as the stories let on.

So you get to ride up shadow Hill.  Just follow the path.



You’ll find a wolf eventually…




It will howl…


And then…



Ride back to Jasper and speak to him.


  • A Serious Warning

Jasper will give you signs to put up along the hill side, once you’ve done that, return to him.

  • Wolf or dog, what does it matter?

I’ll admit this had me banging my head on my desk. This is only plausible in the world of star stable. But go to Linn in the riding house and ask her for dog treats.  Once you have them, you’re going to feed this guy…




  • Who’s afraid of the wolf?

Return to Jasper


(Wait until tomorrow) 


  • Dance With wolves


You knew that one was coming didn’t you?  I was waiting for it. All you have to do is check to see if the wolves will play nice.




After that feeding the wolves to keep them happy becomes a daily quest for golden hills.




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