It’s the weekend. You know what that means. Updates!

If you guys haven’t caught onto my system yet, I’m really a weekend update kind of person. It’s when I have the most time to devote to SSO and the blog. But here’s what I know for a fact is going to happen tomorrow. (er, later, it’s tomorrow all ready.)



I’m reorganizing the blog, and hair guide.



–I’ve got some more hair styles and make up to add, so I’ll be breaking it down by town.  It will have a drop down menu. 



— I’ll also be putting a guide for the submitted outfits, so you know what tack pieces they are. 




— I’ve got “Follow The Tracks”, “In a pinch with the smuggler boss”

— “Hooves on the beach” I’ve got locations of the horse shoes. 

– “Sea Horse”,  “Where is my first mate?” : Also the location of the compass and navigation chart tips. 

– The entire quest line that starts with “Male Ghost”  — Very sweet. 


— And because I refuse to spoil the main quest line for you I have some juicy pictures from my quest in the search of Justin Moorland. Just a few sneak peeks. 

— Sun key location. 

— Location of ancient wood for “Even better shoes” 

— Fishing! What that’s like, and what you can expect. 

— And some advice about the druid training — Which is where I am in game right now.  So I litterally have no quests at this moment. Only chores. 



In the future:

— Horse breed break down -screen shots are done, just putting everything together. 

— I’ve started to notice a lot of players like to write! (OMG yay!) So how about  listing of all Star stable fan stories I can find, as well as some writer resources. (Programs,  prompts, character sheets etc) I write in my spare time…that’s a love affair of mine, guys. Be warned.  Oh! and a “How to guide” to make your story into a PDF file so you can download it onto your e-reader! 

— Resources : I’ll be making a page specifically for resources and other SSO sites. (“Mod Campaign”, “Where to find the best gear guides.” “Quests”,  “Funny SSO Bloggers” “Great SSO Videos” Etc…” ) 

— Then I’ll have yet another category for other horsey things. May it be books, Movies you can watch online, drawing tutorials,  so on and so forth. 


So..I’m going to be busy… oh boy.


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