How to make a screenshot (PC or Mac)

Ever wonder how players take pictures  in game? Well, wonder no more! I’m about to show you how. On top of that I’m going to show you how to remove the interface so you don’t have maps, buttons and stats choking up your pretty pictures.

Psst… this is for PC and Mac users!

Step one:

Open the end game menu.

You can do this two ways:

A) Click on the phone


B) Use the [Esc] button


Step Two:

Select Options


Step Three:

Select  “Hide user interface”


Step Four:

Click Okay. Don’t worry, you can turn your interface back on by hitting the [Esc] button again.


Step Five:

Okay, this is where people get lost.  Just stick with me and you’ll be okay.

PC Peeps:

You’ll need to open something to “Paste” an image into.  I use “Notebook” because I can write about the pictures as well as save them but basic paint will work just fine. If you have photo shop or PSP, or even Gimp, those will work fine too.

(If you don’t have those programs, go to your accessories and open paint)

Okay, got something open and waiting?

Let’s move on.

Look at your keyboard, and find your [prnt sc] button.  It stands for “Print Screen” .

If your computer has keys that shares functions like mine, it may be a secondary key.  If this is the case,you’ll do this:

Press your

[fn lock] key


hold your [Fn] key as you push [prnt sc]

If you print screen key, doesn’t have other stuff on it, don’t worry about the Fn stuff.

Go to the paint program you opened (or whatever program you used)

Edit –> Paste

You’ll have something like this:


File –> Save as

Name the file what ever you like

Save it as one of the following:

Jpeg, or PNG, make sure you’re saving it somewhere you can find it. For example I have a folder on my desktop where I keep all of my SSO pictures.

Mac Peeps:

Screen shots automatically save to your desktop.  Lucky you!

Here’s how you do that:

Press and hold these three buttons

[Command] [Shift] [3]

My computer at work, makes a little camera noise that lets me know it’s working.

You’ll have to rename the file. (I think that’s a pain in the bum) and move it where you want it.

You now have an image that’s ready to be uploaded!

You can now upload your picture onto the internet!  I upload my photos by Facebook and wordpress the majority of the time, but if you find that you need somewhere else to upload it, I recommend photobucket. It’s free and there’s a lots of space for pictures.

That’s how you take a screenshot. If you need help just give me a shout, I’ll do my best to walk you through it.  You can also use other programs to add filters to your images, but I’ll cover that later.  This is just the bare bones basics.


6 thoughts on “How to make a screenshot (PC or Mac)

    • Hmm sounds like your keyboard might be like mine.your “Home” and “Print screen” share the same key. What you have to do is hold your FN (function) key the same time you press your print screen key. Give that a shot.

    • Oh! you don’t have to quit the game to be able to get to another program. If you’re on a PC, you can use your window key (Key with the windows symbol on it.) It will force your task bar open and minimize SSO for you.

      You can then open whatever program you like, paste your image and then click on your SSO Icon on your task bar to bring up the game again. It’ll leave the game running for you.

      I’m in the midst of rewriting this tutorial with all the new changes, but I’ll upload a video this weekend showing you how I do it step by step it that will be helpful.

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