Easter Egg Hunt Help!

I’ve been cataloging all of the Easter egg hunts, and I’ve stuck it all in one place for you. There is now an “Easter Egg Hunt” tab in the menu. Or you can just click here: https://moorlandgirls.wordpress.com/easter-egg-hunts/

Yes, I did finish all of them. And yes, I did take pictures of the majority of the egg locations!*  Don’t worry, if you enjoy doing it yourself, the pictures aren’t up front and center, so you can just read the information if you like and avoid the pictures completely.  😀

— Note: I started putting this together late in the evening. It’s now 1:30 in the morning for me. There’s 11 hunts total, and about 43 ish pictures.  If the hunt you want isn’t up yet…check back in a few hours. It will be up soon! I just need to sleep first.

*Landon's eggs are all out in the open.
So it felt redundant to take screen shots of that
particular hunt. 
* I had forgotten to take screen shots of all Felix's eggs,
 however, there is a post telling you where to look.

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