Golden Hill Valley!

Oh boy! Right now the “newness” is still there for me. The colors can get a little obnoxious when you’ve been at the computer for too long, otherwise…it’s somewhere new to be for a change.  You’ll find Jasper at is pumpkin farm, and he’ll have a few things for you to do. Nothing too hard.  You’ll collect ghost dust for his pumpkins, fix his sprinklers and check the jumps of his course.  Not bad at all for the pay.

  • Ghost Dust

Most of the ghost dust can be found along the old course. Though I did find a smidge in the feild across from his house.


  • Ridding Woodsman

You’ll also be cutting down the dead trees in front of his house. Don’t worry, they’re easy to spot. Their the only trees that aren’t orange…or yellow.

Rebel…you look ridiculous…


The other things he’ll have you do aren’t half bad. I’m working on the wolf quests right now, and I’ll be posting those soon.  Golden Vally has some very picturesque places.

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