A hint about a threat/Techno the guard dog

When I saw this one pop up on my log…I was intregued. Guess who we get to talk to? Mr. Slime Ball himself!

  • A hint about a threat

— Mr. Kembell


He’ll hint about something happening to the ridding hall. When I rode down there this is what I found:


Graffiti. I keep hoping for a tragic dozer accident to happen to Mr. Slime Ball. Er…nah, we’ll stick with Slime Ball.

  • Done cleaning

Go speak to Tyra, she’ll ask you to clean it up. And yes, you can clean the spray paint from inside or outside. There’s paint cans in both arenas.

Speak to Tyra again, and wait till tomorrow.


  • A watch dog


She’s going to send you over to Landon to pick up Techno. He’s not much of herding dog, but he’s a good watch dog!



Take him back to Tyra.

  • Show Techno his new home

Okay, I can’t promise on the title of that quest, I’ll be honest…I don’t remember but it’s along those lines. Anywho. What your going to do is lead Techno to the ridding hall. For such a small dog, the little bugger can be quick. If he takes off don’t worry, he stops and waits for you.




(I can’t remember if you have to wait till the next day or not…)


  • A house for the dog

Take the dog house down to Techno




Speak to the Baroness. She’ll tell you they have to get to Mr. Slime Ball through legal channels. (This may happen before hand. I’m writing this up from memory.)

Brace yourself for what’s coming next…


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