Cyber bullying is not okay.

I’ll say it again. Cyber bullying is not okay. With all the bells and whistles that the internet has to offer,  it’s easy to become disconnected to society. People seem  to forget that there is a person behind that user name.  It’s not just some machine that’s typing out messages. It’s a human being.

The internet is a viscous place all on it’s own.  It doesn’t need you or anyone else  adding to it’s demeanor.  Please keep in mind, I’m not aiming this at anyone in particular, I just want to remind you that words are powerful. It may not seem like it, but words are the most powerful thing you’ll ever have. They can be uplifting and inspiring…and in the same turn they can be a brutal weapon.  They can do great things, and they can cause a lot of damage…and they’re only made of sound, air and thought.

So before you hit that enter button… think about it.

Everyone is a different stage in life, there’s no telling what that person on the other end might be going through.


If you find yourself being bullied, do not engage. Don’t react. Don’t send any messages. I know it’s a hard thing to do, but you really must turn the other cheek.  If you can, copy the chat messages and send them to you’re online support team.

SSO  is a little harder to navigate when you’re having an issue. There aren’t any online moderators, nor is there a “Report Player”  system in place.  So here is the best way to with bullies or issues that should be reported:


— Don’t reply to the messages

— Create a screen shot of the chat

— Send it to support and give them details of the situation

— Minimize chat or log out.

— If you’re a minor, let your parents know!


You can make a screen shot by using the “Print Screen” key on your keyboard, and pasting it into  your paint program. (Just basic paint will do fine.) If you have fn keys, you may have to press them first or hold them down to use this function.  Save the file as a jpeg or a png.  You can then attach it in an e-mail.


By the way, jumping in the middle of the arguing doesn’t make it stop.  I’ve seen so much of this lately it’s a little dizzying.  Of all things, it makes it worse! If you see behavior that you know is wrong…report it.

You can agree with me or not, but SSO desperately needs a moderation system.  Some players are even boycotting the game in hopes that something will be put in place.  Parents. Players. Readers. I implore you to ask for a moderation system. It may not be a perfect fix. But it would certainly curb the issues and make it safer for all players of the game. There must be consequences for the wrong choices, just as there should be someone for players to turn to when they need help.


Apparently the contact form is not working correctly

Try e-mailing the support team directly:















2 thoughts on “Cyber bullying is not okay.

    • No problem! if we players band together on this, it’s more likely that it’ll be addressed. Though it’s a relief to know I’m not the only player who thinks a moderation system is desperately needed.

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