How Much is that kitty in the window? Part III

  • — Animals have been marked

Visit the Vet and she will tell you that she went early this morning and put chips in the animals.

  • — A masterpiece has been installed

Speak to Conrad and learn that he had installed the lock early this morning.  O.O Why can’t all the quests go like this?!

Speak to the Security Guard to finish them up.

  • — The Guard’s Guard Dog

So, he wants a puppy. Go into the petshop and click on the puppy pen. I tried the quest a couple times to see if you could pick out his puppy for him, but it automatically selects the same little pup. Bring the puppy to him.


Guess what you get to do? You get to deliver animals. I went ahead and accepted all these quests, and picked up the animals from the pet shop. A cat and a dog. A cat and a rabbit. All in the same saddle bag? What part of that sounds like a good idea.

  • — Puppy for the butler

Drop the puppy off with the butler at the winery.

  • — A Cat for the Councilman

Talk to the councilman in Silverglade and give him his mousing cat

  • — Jenna’s cat

Give Jenna her barn cat

  • — A Rabbit to fir grove

And make sure Felicity gets her rabbit.

  • — Thanks for the help 

Speak to the security guard and get a nice shirt…or it was nice until Rambo got to it.  Oh well, puppy slime isn’t going to kill ya.



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