Curiouser and Curiouser

Starstable has been dropping big hints that the ability to own more horses is on it’s way.

From their 3/06/2013 update:


Preparing for more horses:
– To change gear on your horse while in your home stable you will need to either sit on your horse or open the character sheet (press “c” or click on your horse’s name) and drag the new gear onto that! Outside of your home stable it works just like normal! We have made this change in preparation for when you will have several horses.


I’m stoked.  Though to be honest this has occurred to me before this announcement. I mean, why else would your home stable. (Star riders) have four stalls?

Speaking of home stables has anyone hovered their mouse over this lately?


When you do (if you haven’t noticed by now) a faint shopping bag pops up. Interesting, eh?


And I really don’t remember seeing these before the update.



That or I just really wasn’t paying attention. I’m one track minded what can I say? I’m really curious to see how owning multiple horses will be owned.  Personally I’d like to see more things. Like…

A Groomer.

Where you could change the style and color of a horse’s mane and tail.

Boarding services.

What do you do when your on vacation. Just let your horse’s mood deteriorate?  And if you have more then one how is that going to be juggled?

I’d like to see specific breeds. but then again that would take some serious reconfiguration. -shrug-

Either way I wish they would hurry up. Okay…over excited. -Squee- I just want a gray horse to go with my black. (No, they’re not really “white” they are indeed gray)

-sits on hands and waits-



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