Warning! About to have a picture explosion

I’ve been working on the “Scary Noises” Thread. I think I’m close to being done but I haven’t posted a single thing. I’ve got pictures for that. Especially the cement truck.

I have pictures for Marley’s broken barrels.


I also realized I have some pictures of clue locations for the Mississippi Jones quest. I’ll get those up.


And here’s why I do this. Sometimes a scenery visual is a little more helpful.than just a map location.


I have a fallen star for you too!


Okay, I know most people don’t post stuff like that. but I’m just going to give you a hint. It’ll be up to you to figure out where the location is.  I’ve found several more but it didn’t occur to me to take screenshots. Oops. I’ll do that with my secondary character when I have time.


So I’m going to go finish my quests for the day and put them up.


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