The Waterfall’s New Color


So I started to notice that the waterfall was suddenly green. Luck would have it this started the day before St. Patrick’s Day. I really thought this had something to do with it. Haha. No.

Elizabeth Sunbeam 

Elizabeth Sunbeam. -Valedale

Elizabeth Sunbeam. -Valedale

The Waterfall’s New Color

All you simply have to do is speak to Elizabeth. She’s going to send you across the bridge to speak to Avalon. I find it creepy that everyone knows your name long before you know theirs. -.- Druids.


Avalon (no last name) of Valedale.

Avalon (no last name) of Valedale.

Green isn’t Good

This quest only consists of talking with the hooded druid a couple times. He will then send you back over to Elizabeth. Speak to her once more to complete the quest..  Easy peasy lemon squeezey. But we know better than to get comfortable…right? Return to Avalon, speak to the man.


Earlier Incidents 

Guess what this quest consists of? Running back to Elizabeth.  Talk to her again.



Always this “Dark Core”

She’ll explain the stories she’s heard. To be honest if my water was turning shamrock green…I’d move far, far away. After that she’ll send you back to Avalon. Apparently they think your horse needs the exercise.



— A sample from the waterfall 

— Green water anywhere else?

I’m going to suggest select both of these quests at once. You’ll collect two samples, one from the waterfall right next to Avalon’s house, the other sample will be taken by the waterfall at Valedale lake. There’s a small trail right off of the race track.


Return to Avalon with the test tubes.



Then we…sit on our hands and wait until tomorrow. -.- Druids.



I also want to mention that these particular quests were put in game on 1/16/2013. I wasn’t able to access them until after I hit level 12.


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