Past Dark Core’s Roadblock

Okay, now is anyone up for some espionage? Because that’s what these next few quests are all about!



Past Dark Core’s Roadblock

Have a chat with him and see what he’s found. I’m assuming the people of Jorvik have a killer science program in their schools since so many characters have analyzed samples. -shrug- 

— What is Dark Core Doing in the Mountains?

I don’t know. I guess it’s time to go snooping around. 

Okay. So he has two quests for you today. I suggest accepting them both….they’re going to be sending you to the exact same place. Moorland’s south beach. I’ll confess I cheated and called for a pick up. Ride all the way there from Valedale? Ain’t nobody got time for that.


So dig through all the sparkly cases. There’s some on the beach, and some on the  the barge. I found  the case I needed on the barge.


Okay. A password. Look on the barge for a walkie! 

Really, who leaves this stuff just laying around?

Really, who leaves this stuff just laying around?

Return to Avalon. He says since he’s old he can stay up all night and listen for the password. I snickered at this. Most elderly that I know sleep all the time. But eh, what can you do?  You have to wait till the next day to start the next phase. 


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