Forgery abound


  • A Faked Report for Mr Sands

Forgery must be one of Avalon’s many talents… but anywho take the impostor report to Moorland south beach. Again, I cheated and called for a pick up. We’re going to the same dark core guy that helped us with Miss Morse’s trophy gift thing. That starts another quest.

  • Back to Valedale Lake

Looks like it’s time to go back up the mountain at Valedale Lake.  (Just so you can listen to the guy gripe.)

  • Shutting Down

Rid back to Avalon like the little spy that you are and tell him the good news. He’ll think of a way to get Dark Core to take their mess with them.


  • Convincing Powder

Just talk to him.  By the way, you can accept all three quests from him at once if you’d like. You don’t have to leave Valedale for this stuff.

  • Valedale Herb

You can find it growing all around Avalon’s house. (Outside of the fence)


  • Three Stones

One is right in-front of the house. The other is down the path by a bench. the third is in the reeds. All will be on the East side of the river. You don’t have to go very far.



  • The Mortar 

All that’s left is to pick up the mortar from the shed behind the house and give the items to Avalon.


we wait. Again. -.-


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