And do the creep…


Have a talk with one of our favorite druids. He’ll give you the password. Time to be sneaky.

  • Past the barricade


Ride to valedale lake, head tward the waterfall, you’ll see the guard sitting there. Give him the password. “You look pretty young to be working for dark core.” Gee. Common sense faol.


  • Dark core secrets


Guess who gets to do grunt work? Yep.


You’ll be

–oiling machines (okay, one machine)

–Shoveling cinder

Use the  shovel to er….pick up the dark green blobs, then deposit them into the blob pile in the corner.. They didn’t exactly look like cinders to me.

And fetching lunch.



The fridge is wedged next to the propane tank.. Give the crew leader his lunch. (Refrain from having your horse bite him) and take the report to Avalon.


Wait until the next day. (-.-) Druids. They’re never in a hurry.



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